Take the time to read this and the Safari Terms & Conditions before emailing us about booking your safari.  This should answer most of the questions you have.  If it doesn’t, you can still contact us.  We’re more than happy to answer your questions.

All Safaris over 5 days or over $5,000 get a free city tour!
You can use this tour at the beginning or the end of your safari.
It cannot be used for future or past safaris or city tours, sorry.

• You will finalize your route/itinerary with the office upon booking. This includes pick up/drop off needs. If something needs to change between booking and your departure, we’ll alert you as soon as we can. See Terms and Conditions for more details.
• We work 7 days / week and 365 days / year
• Your driver/guide will work a maximum of 10 hours/day. We do this for everyone’s safety. The roads here are often bad and require a lot of concentration. This exhausts drivers much faster than you would think.  If they are tired, things begin to slip and can endanger everyone. We appreciate your understanding.
• You will be asked to sign a liability waiver before starting this safari. Thankfully we’ve never had an accident since we began 8 years ago. Read more about our safety guidelines here.

• All vehicles are inspected before they begin a safari. Our drivers all have basic mechanical training, some even more than basic. And because we’ve been in business for 6+years, we have a network of mechanics on call all over East Africa in case we need additional assistance situations which we can not avoid such as stones breaking tyres, shocks breaking due to bad roads and much more.
• We love music! Feel free to bring your music and/or USB/mini-jack to play your music on the trip but while on game drives, we tend to put our focus on nature.  We don’t like to shout for leopards but rather listen to their calls than the music.
• See Terms and Conditions for more details.

• What to pack? We’re often asked this question. Please ask us at the time of booking if there are any specific requirements (ex. climbing Rwenzori mountains, etc.). At a minimum pack:
– bug spray & medications
– sunscreen, a hat & light colored clothing (mosquitos love dark colours!)
– camera with extra memory & fully charged electronics (we highly recommend an extra charging bank)
• Music is welcome in the car while in transit! Feel free to bring your music and/or USB/mini-jack to play your music on the trip. Please note that no music is played during game drives.
• Money/ATM are available at most large towns. Please tell your driver when you need to withdraw money or exchange foreign to local currencies. As a best practice, have money you need before you go to a national park. National parks do not have ATMs.

Please also note that we take photos during your tour that may be used on social media and for marketing purposes. We do NOT add names, etc. to protect your privacy.

• We accept USD or UGX (Ugandan shillings). The rate is set monthly. MAR 2019 RATE = 3700 UGX/$1 USD. 
• Any outstanding balance is collected at the beginning of the trip. This is non-negotiable.
• Tips for a great experience are always appreciated, and can be given to your driver at any time during the tour.
• Please Note: We can only accept USD dated 2009 or more recent, without tears, water damage or ink damage. Other bills will be rejected.
• See Terms and Conditions for complete details on payment terms and cancellation policies.

• Our drivers are all vetted and tested. If you are staying around Kampala and would like to have one of our drivers be assigned to you during your stay, please let us know.  We are more than happy to coordinate it.  In a city with over 150,000 boda drivers, many of whom are not insured, licensed, or skilled, we don’t want you to become a statistic of the crazy roads. Let us help!