Treehouse Tour


Take 1 day in your travels to visit a truly memorable and unique landmark just 20kms outside of Kampala’s city centre.

DEPARTURE / RETURN LOCATION Kampala. Determine upon booking
WEAR Comfortable clothing, Walking shoes
Guide / Driver
Entrance fee
Tips / Gratuities (see FAQ for more info)
PRICE $50/e on boda (groups 4+ contact us for special quote)

Tour can be done via boda boda or in a private car. Please contact us for pricing in a private car.

Eco-warrior and environmentalist Godfrey Kato has lived in a tree house for two years. His goal is to promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. On this tour you enjoy a tour of his tree house and learn how he is paying it forward for the earth and future generations.

Kato is a 54-year old Ugandan Rasta man. His love for nature led him and his family to build a self-contained house on top of a tree. The whole house is made of recycled materials from old cars, furniture, wood and different metals.

Kato is now popular in his community and supplies trees to the local community while encouraging everyone to grow trees. He writes down his experiences building and living in a tree, and his big dream is quickly coming true: building another tree house for his visitors/guests.

He loves to meet new people and share his experience and love for nature. As a bonus, he shares local fruits for his guests to enjoy, including jackfruit, berries, papayas, etc. This is a perfect complement to a boda boda tour and really rounds out your Kampala experience.

Walter’s Interview with Godfrey:

• How long has this plan of a tree house been in your head?   Over 17 years.
• What is your favorite hobby? Singing.  (He is a singer and meditator.)
• What do people in your community think about your initiative? At first they used to think that I am crazy, but now they admire my style. They have accepted my campaign to grow more trees.

Walter’s Side of the Story:

Every year I look around Kampala to find unique and interesting destinations for my guests. On 1st December 2014 I found Kato, the eco-warrior behind this unique home. I immediately knew I wanted my guests to experience this unique home and person. So far everyone has loved it, most even asking if they could stay for more than just a tour.

On a personal note, I am also a Rastari who loves nature. I enjoy seeing Kato living a great life in such a sustainable way. As a person, Kato is one of the friendliest, wise and most welcoming Ugandans I have ever met. My stories can’t really explain everything, so book a visit with us and see for yourself!

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