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Walter’s Tours Ltd is uniquely positioned to leverage Walter’s long experience with the Ugandan tourism market, close relationships with lodging, park guides, and deep local knowledge for an amazing experience on 2 wheels.

PACK / WEAR Shoes, Gloves, Jacket, Helmet (see equipment below)
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ACTIVITIES Motorbike Safari


• SHORTER trips include Sipi Falls and Jinja (1-2+ days)
• LONGER trips include National Parks
• Since each itinerary is catered to your interests, please contact us for recommended routes and quotes.
• We offer this service all over East Africa.  Just contact us with your request.


• We use the Honda XLR 250 or GS 1200 BMWs for this trip. This bike is very suitable for the roads in Uganda and easy to maintain while on the road.
• At the moment we have a few GS 1200, one Honda NC 700X, Yamaha Tenere and a 600cc Honda Baja. We can always arrange for a specific model if you contact us with your preferences.

Support vehicle:
• Your support vehicle is a 4wd mini bus or land rover/land cruiser.
• If you would like your support vehicle to double as a safari vehicle for game drives (ex. open roof, etc.), please let us know.
• Your driver/guide drives and the mechanic accompanies him. The support vehicle usually drives far behind the group, so you don’t have to watch it all the time. In the busy cities and national parks it will drive more closely and in front of you for your safety (traffic and wildlife).

• You must bring your own protective gear, including a helmet, goggles, boots, bags, jersey, pants and jacket. If you have your own set of helmet communicators, please bring them.


• Your driver/guide is English-speaking with a lot of experience. He will inform you about the roads, safety and of course about the wildlife and culture of Africa.
• He can assist you as well when you want to leave some of the highways and drive on a dirt road instead. Of course this depends on the safety of the roads and the time frame.

• We provide a mechanic during your tour, which will be in the support vehicle. He can fix the small issues directly and service the motor when needed. He brings spare parts with him in the support vehicle.

Safety and Roads:
• Uganda itself is one of the safest countries in Africa. However, you do need to be careful on the roads.
• In the cities people drive rather erratically and anything from cows, and motor taxis to children and trucks can enter the road at any time. Half-meter high speed bumps with no warning are common. You won’t spend much time in the cities, but we recommend you to stay close behind the support vehicle when we do.
• The highways are generally in good condition, though you shouldn’t drive too fast. Taxis and buses drive extremely fast and leave little time to react. Here again you’ll need to watch out for those unexpected speed bumps. The dirt roads are good fun and nice to drive on with the 250, but be careful with crossing cattle. Take the curves slowly.
• In the national parks you’ll have to stay close to the support vehicle. Your driver/guide can see an elephant or other wild animal coming before you and warn you in time.

Please contact us for a customized quote. These are only meant to be general guidelines.

• Bike: Bikes range from $70-200 per day depending on which bike you use.
• Fuel: The trip does not include the fuel for the bikes and cars. Since the tank is only 12 liters, plan on refilling gas in almost every big town you visit. Most of our bikes consume 3.5 liters for every 100kms.
• Deposit: In addition to the normal Safari FAQs and Safari Terms & Conditions, we require a deposit be left at the office when you pick up your bike. You will receive the deposit back when you return the bike without new mechanical problems. Specific amounts will be shared when you contact us.

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