Kidepo National Park


Visit Uganda’s wildest park, #1 African park for rare species and #3 African National Park.

PACK / WEAR Light clothing, Camping equipment (if camping), Camera, etc.
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ACTIVITIES Game Drive, Rock climbing, Hiking, Cultural Tours

Imagine open expanses of savannah where you’re the only human in sight. Where cows seem to outnumber humans. Every once and a while you stumble upon a traditional homestead, where one of the local Karamojong warriors offer you a gourd of local brew to sip with the village elders. Not wishing to outstay your welcome, you return to your journey, surrounded by a flat sea of African bush. This sea is broken by a sheer cliff rising straight out of the ground, one of countless “volcanic plugs” left over from the formation of the Great Rift Valley.  You pull over and pop the roof to camp under the stars.  Lions roared in the distance as you drift off to sleep thinking of how perfect that cliff would be for rock climbing in the morning…

This is Karamoja, the wildest, most remote and most evocative region of Uganda—and part most tourists will never see. Vast. Primal. Deeply stirring. It takes a while to get here, and it’s well worth the time. Kidepo National Park lies here.

Located in the northeastern Uganda and almost 700kms away from Kampala, Kidepo borders Sudan and Kenya. It’s considered isolated, with many believing this area is 50 years behind the rest of Uganda. We love it that way! The park is comprised of rolling savannah grasslands and a rugged, spectacular mountain landscape. Kidepo is considered one of the wildest, original African parks in Africa if not the best as the national geographic has ranked it top for the past years, offering a great experience of nature and game viewing. It’s ranked #1 in Africa.

Given its remote location, Kidepo is often left off many travel itineraries, but those that make the effort are richly rewarded. Here you can see the Big 5, ostriches, lots of lions, and unusual and hard to find predators like the aardwolf, bat-eared fox, caracal, cheetah, hunting dog and striped hyena.

The park is accessible by road or by air from Entebbe. You need from to 5 days – 2 weeks depending on the amount of time you have and which activities. Rock climbing and mountain hiking takes longer, but the view is stunning!

Walter’s Expeditions believes Africa is about more than just animals.  Don’t spend your entire safari in the back of a car—get off the beaten track.  Climb and camp amidst stunning landscapes that you have all to yourself.  Visit villages of cattle-herding nomads untouched by commercial tourism.  Pitch your tent in a national park, and experience the primal sound of lions, cheetahs, and leopards calling to each other during the night.  Getting there is half the fun.

Please Note: As with all safari itineraries on this site, this is just a sample route. We customize your safari based on your budget, trip length, desired experience, and group size.  Read our Safari FAQs and Safari Terms and Conditions for more information. Then contact us with your details and we’ll get to work crafting your perfect getaway!

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