Gorilla Tracking


Come visit one of the most unforgettable experiences in the world.

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ACTIVITIES Gorilla Tracking, Hiking

Gorillas share 98% DNA with humans, and seeing them in the natural habitat is an honor. Uganda is so very proud to be home to these amazing animals!

Gorilla permits are expensive. There is no easy way to put this and there is simply no negotiating anyone can do to bring down the price. That written, these are an endangered species. Protecting them takes a lot of money and space. It’s an honor to visit them as they are guaranteed to take your breath away. If you do wish to save some money, permits are discounted in November. You can read more about dates and locations here.

Please Note: As with all safari itineraries on this site, this is just a sample route. We customize your safari based on your budget, trip length, desired experience, and group size.  Read our Safari FAQs and Safari Terms and Conditions for more information. Then contact us with your details and we’ll get to work crafting your perfect getaway!

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