Fort Portal & Queen Elizabeth National Park


See gorges, crater lakes, flora and fauna, Rift Valley views, Rwenzori mountains plus a full safari experience.

PACK / WEAR Mosquito repellent, Anti-malarials, Light clothing, Sunscreen, Hat
PRICE Contact us for quote
ACTIVITIES Game Drive, Boat Cruise, Nature Walk

Tree climbing lions, crater lakes and the Rwenzori Mountains? This is the trip for you! Another of our very popular trips, it makes a great addition to other routes and can be on it’s own (average 4-5 days).

Fort Portal is an amazing little city. It’s considered the Switzerland of Uganda. Based at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, this is popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Get ready to slow down from the hustle of Kampala and enjoy hikes and a relaxed vibe.

Queen Elizabeth is home to the second greatest family of mammals in Uganda after Murchison Falls National Park. It is hard not to appreciate its expansive 2000sq km landscape complete with views of the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Edward, Lake George, Kazinga Channel and even Congo.

• Enjoy chimp tracking in Kibale National Park
• Have your camera ready for photos of the Albertine Rift (the Western Rift Valley)
• Keep your eyes peeled for tree climbing lions
• Swim in crater lakes and take in healing waters
• PERFECT trip for families. Just ask!

Please Note: As with all safari itineraries on this site, this is just a sample route. We customize your safari based on your budget, trip length, desired experience, and group size.  Read our Safari FAQs and Safari Terms and Conditions for more information. Then contact us with your details and we’ll get to work crafting your perfect getaway!

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