Gorilla Tracking At A Glance

Gorilla tracking is easily our second most popular tour after our Kampala city tour. Gorillas are simply fascinating animals. Humans share 98% of our DNA with them, and seeing them in their natural habitat is an honor.

There are two main places to track gorillas in Uganda;

1. Bwindi National Park. This is the most famous destination. It’s a large, impenetrable forest and national park with over 20 gorilla families. Where you track depends on your fitness level, as some routes are quite difficult. Please tell us upon booking so we can advise you.

2. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Situated in Kisoro, this is a close neighbor to Bwindi. Mgahinga shares a volcano with Rwanda and Congo (Virunga). It’s the only place in the world where gold meets silver. The silverback gorilla (specifically the Nyakagezi group) shares this space with Golden Monkeys. This is an easier hike than Bwindi.

Kisoro is in the far south west of Uganda and borders Rwanda and Congo. Not only do you get amazing views of the 3 volcanoes, you might even have a chance to get right to the borders of Rwanda and Congo. The trail here is slightly easier than most of the Bwindi trails and often favored by older travelers or those with limited time.

Why do permits cost so much?

We understand that gorilla permits are really expensive. Seeing them is a bucket list item for so many travelers, and once you are in front of them you’ll understand why that is. Can we find a way to bring the price down? The answer is no. Period. There is no negotiating anyone can do bring down the price. These are an endangered species and protecting them takes a lot of money and space. We can tell you that permits are discounted in November.  Update as of Sept 2017: There is no longer a November discount. All prices are flat throughout the year. BUT Uganda is still a total steal compared to Rwanda, where the same trek goes for $1500 pp!

Why do we need a 100% deposit for gorilla permits?

Gorillas are like hiking the Inca Trail in Peru: to preserve these world treasures, only a certain number of visitors are allowed to enter each day. That is why we have to book permits in advance. It would be shame for you to get all the way here only to find out there were no more permits available.

How can you find gorilla tours?

Search under “primates” to find all our trips. You’ll find both gorillas and chimpanzees in this category. If you have any questions, contact us!